A few weeks back we spent a couple days in DC and I finally had a chance to visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It was really inspiring, and I came home with a ton of photos of amazing creatures to draw from. Over the 4th of July I did a little watercolor doodle of this cute guy. His eyes are so tiny that I thought he needed some nice big glasses, naturally.



10 Minute Sketches

I’ve never been as diligent about keeping a sketchbook as I’d like to be. As backwards as it sounds, it always feels like too much pressure to create images that are sketchbook-worthy when there are so many artists I love who do amazing sketchbook work. Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more sketching into my weekly routine, but in the form of little ten minute doodles that are inspired by dreams or passing thoughts. Here’s one from last week – a rabbit playing croquet, because the thought of that just seems delightful:


A Copper Cow

I finished up this cow commission the other night. This piece was a challenge, mostly because I’m used to sculpting tiny critters, not big animals with heavy bone structure, but I think it turned out well! The final cow sculpture measures about 4″ wide, it’s mounted on a barnwood plaque, and it’s finished with some copper enamel spots. On this one I used mostly Sculpey Firm and Free Form Epoxy Putty for finishing touches.



Scout & Stringbean

Before Christmas I was commissioned to sculpt a pair of kitties after the client’s adorable cats, Scout & Stringbean. After finishing up the sculptures, I mounted the kitty sculptures on Sapele wood plaques. I’ve got a couple more commissions in the works that I’ll be excited to share once they’re done, including a cow and pair of pups!


Lindsay & Mike’s Wedding Invitations

I’m excited to finally share these! Our lovely friends Lindsay & Mike got married this past fall, and I had the pleasure of designing some autumny, watercolory invitations for them. Here’s a peek:


Rouse Studies

It took a while at the start of the project to hone in on what we wanted Rouse to look like. My initial sketches included costuming and a big belly, but she needed to appear neither male or female. I still wanted there to be something unique about her look, so I gave her a little ridge on her nose (that’s almost a little bit rat-like), and giant eyes, and tried to let her personality come through in her facial expressions.

Here are a few preliminary sketches of Rouse, and a series of illustrations depicting her discovery of a little stash of wheat:



Rouse the Mouse

A couple of months ago, I completed one of the most challenging and rewarding projects ever. The task was to illustrate a children’s story written by my client’s dad, to celebrate his dad’s 80th birthday. The story is called Rouse the Mouse, and it’s honest, funny and touching. Below are the portraits of the two main characters, and I’ll be posting process sketches and illustrations in the coming days!


Rock & Shop at Hopscotch


This saturday, September 6, I’ll be joining 40+ other super talented designers and makers at a mini Rock & Shop Market in Raleigh! It’s free and open to the public, 12-6, and right outside Hopscotch music fest. If any of you lovely people are headed to Hopscotch, please stop by and say hi to us!