Drawing Letters for Thrillist.com

This Spring I had the pleasure of working with Anna Horowitz, a fellow RISD Illustrator, to make some illustrations for two Father’s Day features on Thrillist.com. I lettered 6 pull quotes, and (naturally) drew some animals as well. Check out the articles and pieces below!

“Big Time Chefs & Bartenders Tell Us What They Learned from Their Dads”
by Emma Diab
Art Direction by Anna Horowitz


“The Hardest Thing About Raising Kids, According to Dads”
by Emma Diab
Art Direction by Anna Horowitz





Finished up this pet portrait the other day – a beautiful pup surrounded by little 50s style blooms.


If you have a furry family member you’d like to commission a portrait of, feel free to  get in touch! I just love this kind of work.

Inspiration Roundup

I’m a couple months late, but it’s a brand new year. This year I’m resolving to do more of the work that I really, deeply love. More narrative work, more illustration, more lettering, more animal characters, and to delve deeper into developing the human characters I draw and sculpt. I also would love for this blog to be more than a place where I share my own work. To that end, I want to share some of the people, places, and things that have been an inspiration over the years, and who I’m looking to now for motivation to do more/make more in 2016. Here’s a start:

1. The Crossroads of Should and Must, Elle Luna51Hlqf0xYgL
My wonderful friend Lauren Hanford gave me this book as a birthday gift, and I absolutely inhaled it. It’s full of little tips for unearthing your passions from within the daily pressures that burden us all. It’s also a lovely reminder that whatever stage you’re in on the journey to finding your ‘must’, you have to treat yourself well and relish small joys.

2. Art, Inc., Lisa Congdon
This is a must-read for anyone wondering if they can turn the art they make into a viable career option. It’s full of really excellent advice and tips, punctuated with stories from working artists and illustrators about how they established themselves. I still refer back to it for advice, even after reading it cover to cover.

3. Rebecca Green’s blog

I adore Rebecca Green’s work. She is a massively talented illustrator based in Nashville. Her illustrations have so much energy and texture. Reading her blog is a wonderful window into her creative mind and process, and I’m always amazed by the balance she strikes between narrative work and painterly art. She’s so positive and so driven to push herself in her craft, and I feel a real kinship with her work and outlook. If you’re looking for inspiration to turn a corner in your own work, check out her work and read her words!


Cheers to 2016, guys!

Woodland Christmas Ornaments

I promised in November that I’d be creating a limited edition of Christmas ornaments this year, and here they are!

I sculpted these sweet little mouse and fox friends, and each ornament is cast by hand and painted with gold accents. I have a couple more of the trophy style left, as well as some birchwood ornaments. They make great gifts for your woodland-creature-loving friends, and look lovely on a Christmas tree, mantle, or in a nursery. Go snag one on my Lime & Iron Etsy Shop!

Lemur Time

This summer I worked with the talented folks at DDC International to create illustrations for a brand new welcome video for The Duke Lemur Center. The video educates visitors on the evolution of lemurs and the important work being done at the Center in Durham and in Madagascar. I got to illustrate some fun tidbits about lemur/human ancestry, how lemurs traveled to Madagascar on floating rafts of vegetation, and a few other fun facts.


ancestor2sailingraftingsize1size2Go support the Duke Lemur Center by booking a tour, and check out the new video!

Lime & Iron Trophies in The Boston Globe!

Hi friends,

Something pretty exciting happened last week. This handsome copper-eyed bulldog trophy appeared online and in print for the Lifestyle section of The Boston Globe, in a roundup of faux animal trophies! Check out the online article here!


I’ll be ramping up production for the holidays this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for a new shipment of trophies headed up to risd|works in Providence next week, or snag one from my Etsy shop. Also, stay tuned for some super fun limited edition Christmas goodies, which should make their way to my Etsy shop in late November! You can check out my Instagram account for the latest updates. Happy thursday, everyone!



A few weeks back we spent a couple days in DC and I finally had a chance to visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It was really inspiring, and I came home with a ton of photos of amazing creatures to draw from. Over the 4th of July I did a little watercolor doodle of this cute guy. His eyes are so tiny that I thought he needed some nice big glasses, naturally.